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Tabi is a Master of Theological Studies student at Boston College's School of Theology and Ministry. His theological interests include Ecclesiology, Christianity, Faith and Culture, La Nouvelle Theologie and Ressourcement Theology. He also enjoys reading poems and novels from classics to contemporary literature. He is an ardent lover of classical music, and a lover of movies and TV shows that are set in the medieval period, especially Pillars of the Earth, World Without End, and Game of Thrones.






I Doubt, Therefore I Believe

by Tabi Arrey


Can doubt be a useful component in the life of faith? In other words, in an age of rapid technological advancement and skepticism, can doubt be an authentic Christian virtue? At first glance, it seems oxymoronic to have those two words stand next to each other in the same sentence: faith and doubt. Some might argue that within the Christian imagination, these two concepts are mutually exclusive. On the contrary, I would argue for inclusivity, especially because faith necessarily includes elements of doubt.

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“Peace on Earth to People of Goodwill:” The Experience of Faith and the Joy of Christmas

by Tabi Arrey


I love the holiday season: the music, the pomp, the cheer, the new Hallmark movies, and even the sweaters and the eggnog. The holiday season might be as cold as anything can be, but hearts are warm as people celebrate one another in ways that are special and particular. We are reminded of the things that matter the most to us; we think of our friends and family, of the people who have influenced our lives in one way or another, of that rather short and obscure action of solicitude and concern that make life worth living. As these memories overload our collective imagination, we see in them the necessity to give back, to give thanks. 


We buy and exchange gifts, we go to concerts, and we reorganize our playlists to feature holiday hits, for ‘tis the season to be jolly as the old carol suggests. I love the holiday season, but even more particularly, I love the Christmas Season.


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“Faith of Our Fathers, Holy Faith”: The Possibility of Faith That Endures

by Tabi Arrey


F. W. Faber, the famous English, Anglican- turned-Catholic composer is responsible for the rich repertoire of hymns that have endured in both Catholic and Protestant traditions. His hymns, rich in theological detail and historical accuracy, highlight the specific elements of faith and culture that are intimately connected with the lives of English people of his time, and beyond. Some of his famous hymns include: “Sweet Savior, Bless Us ‘Ere We Go,” “O Purest of Creatures” (hymn to Mary), “There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy,” and “Faith of our Fathers,” which is arguably the most famous and must-sing hymn of his entire composition and collection. The hymn first appeared in his book, Jesus and Mary: Catholic Hymns for Singing and Reading. This hymn acknowledges and recognizes, with great joy, the endurance of the English Martyrs who were persistent in their faith and constant in prayer even as they faced “dungeon,” “fire,” “sword,” and the relentless fury of Henry VIII.

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