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Jonathan Gaworski is completing a master's degree in historical theology.  He is interested in Catholic-Orthodox ecumenism and the Medieval reception of the Greek Fathers.  He enjoys writing in his spare time.  A Minnesotan expatriate, he thinks New England winters are wimpy.






Gasson Lecture Details A Tale of Two Cardinals In Victorian Britain

by Jonathan Gaworski


The president emeritus of Fairfield University, Fr. Jeffrey von Arx S.J., delivered Boston College’s fall Gasson lecture on November 14th. He is additionally slated to deliver the spring Gasson lecture in 2019. His lecture focused on the intertwining lives of two 19th century British cardinals, Bl. John Henry Newman and Henry Edward Manning. Newman, the elegant theologian and essayist, continues to be celebrated as much by English departments for his wordsmithy as by theology departments for his doctrine. Manning, the grim and hard-nosed hierarch, is less remembered, though no less influential during his lifetime.

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University of Durham Researchers Speak on Robert Grosseteste

by Jonathan Gaworski


In an interdisciplinary event bridging science, philosophy, theology, and the humanities, Boston College played host to a pair of researchers from the University of Durham, who opened a window into the mind of the Medieval scholastic Robert Grosseteste (c.1170-1253). A polymath of far- ranging interests, Robert Grosseteste wrote celebrated works of astronomy, geometry, music, philosophy, and theology.

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