Gerardo Martinez Cordeiro 


Faith Features Columnist 


Gerardo is a senior studying International Studies with an Economics concentration and History, with a minor in Classical Studies. His main academic interests include international history, the history of the Catholic Church, economic history, European history and American Colonial history. On campus, he is also involved with the Sons of St. Patrick and catechism classes in St. Ignatius Parish.






On Music in Mass

by Gerardo Martinez Cordeiro


He who sings to God, prays twice. When I was younger, I would hear this expression constantly, growing up in a Catholic school in Mexico. The brothers of the Order of St. John Baptist de la Salle, who ran my school, would remind us of this adage whenever we would prepare for Mass, or really any time we would learn about song, prayer, and worship. As I got older, I began to appreciate more and gained a deeper understanding of the wisdom behind those words.

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The Pillar of My Life

by Gerardo Martinez Cordeiro


Boston College has been my home for four years now. The statement may be deceivingly simple, but it is charged with paradoxes and contradictions that make it, just as anything else in life, beautiful.

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