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On a New Stage in Faith

by Ejuma Adoga


When I returned to BC this fall, three months after graduation, everything had changed. Four years ago, I was a bright-eyed and eager freshman, experiencing a new sense of change and environment after moving 7 hours away from home. Everything, including my faith, felt new, vibrant, and fresh. I had several different choices when it came to Mass times, endless amounts of exposure to new people, and what seemed to be a million different clubs through which I could reinvent myself. Obviously (and this is the case for most people), college brings its own challenges, through which we eventually build endurance and find our stride.

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A Personal Reflection on the Abuse Scandal

by Ejuma Adoga

The recent revelations of abuse in the Catholic church have dominated the news for the past few weeks. Naturally, as a devout Catholic, I read up on all of the reports and accounts of the survivors. Buzzfeed News did a powerful and heartbreaking report on abuses committed by Catholic Nuns at St. Joseph’s Orphanage in Vermont, which troubled me. After all of my research into the unspeakable injustice in the Catholic Church, I was left feeling shocked, disgusted, and shameful. I cannot imagine the pain these survivors have felt for years, not being able to speak out because of the power and positions of their perpetrators, and forced to remain silent because of fear, shame, or the belief that no one would take them seriously.

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