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My Religious Pilgrimage: An Agnostic’s Reflection on Eight Years of Jesuit Catholic Education

by Anthony Cossette


A casual browse through the Wikipedia page for the “existence of God” shows a plethora of arguments both for and against what one may call “God,” mainly in the theistic conception of the term in addition to others like the deistic and pantheistic. These entail conclusions that are neatly fitted into positions such as theism, positive atheism, negative atheism, strong agnosticism, weak agnosticism, and a whole host of other specious and unnecessary “isms.” My conclusion is that it would be incredibly presumptuous of anyone to pigeonhole me into any of those categories. Here I will explain why.

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Devil’s Advocate: The Great Equalizers

by Anthony Cossette


Death is a word everyone shudders at the thought of, yet isn’t too comfortable speaking about until tragedy strikes. Yet we are reminded of its presence everywhere, especially in the news media: just this past week the typhoon in the Philippines took thousands of lives and wrought a tremendous amount of suffering on the survivors. Despite the laudable efforts of countless organizations providing material and psychological relief for the Filipino populace, is it only when responding to a natural disaster or being moved by personal or societal tragedy that we transform into generous saints within a world of pernicious and persistent income disparity, an ever-widening gap between rich and poor?

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Devil's Advocate: Come, All Ye Heretics

by Anthony Cossette


Judging by your confusion at the title of the column and this article, you, dear reader, are perhaps wondering what lies in store for you as you dare to read these not-so-sacred words in a fundamentally Catholic newspaper operating at a Catholic university. Yes, you may require a quick confession and absolution from our friends, the Jesuits, after just one glance at what I have to write about. I assure you, however, that there will be no outlines of satanic rituals to perform or the typical religion bashing that the prototypical atheist savors to accomplish simply for the sake of being an obnoxious provocateur. I believe we have long since grown past the days of witch-hunts that our neighboring Salem used to conduct in the days of yore.

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