To Second Semester Seniors

by Ejuma Adoga


I know many of you will probably hate to hear this, but your time at Boston College is almost up. For many of you, it may be the last time that you’ll be in school and you’re ready to get away into the real world—and for others, you just want time to slow down and stretch these moments out forever. As someone that was in a similar place exactly a year ago, I completely empathize. It feels strange, overwhelming, and exciting to be in the midst of graduate school applications, apartment hunting, job hunting, and trying to figure out post-grad life. Life after BC looks different for each and every person, and leaving the Heights can bring unprecedented change.


Last year around this time, many of my friends had finalized their plans for after graduation. Some in CSOM had had jobs since August, and were putting on the finishing touches for their plans in new cities and apartments. Friends who applied to graduate schools were comparing offers at various institutions, and others were still considering different fields and full-time service positions. I myself had a few different offers for graduate programs, and although I had decided to return to BC after graduating, it was still a bittersweet moment. Up until then, the “real world” had seemed like an abstract, distant realm. It was a space that seemed scary because of the responsibilities and obligations that come with adulthood.  


At this point in the semester, with less than 100 days until graduation, the looming threat of adulthood can be overwhelming. A year ago, I felt a little like a young child who needed guidance, and I leaned on my faith even more because of it. Whenever I go through a transition or a period of my life that brings change, I find that my faith is the only constant in my life. God has remained constant through the most challenging and difficult moments, and with the transition from a BC undergrad to an alum, it was no different. I clung to my faith because, in all honesty, I was very anxious about the inevitable change. I loved my friends, the community that I had built, the activities I was involved in, and the place I was in spiritually at that time. I was afraid of what the future would bring, so I clung to my faith even more. I asked God for the grace to be able to bear whatever challenges may come my way in the months leading up to and following graduation. It’s safe to say that God has been my companion on this journey, and now—almost a year into post-grad life—prayer has kept me going in the toughest of times.


If I could say anything about to the soon-to-be alumni of Boston College, it would be to slow down, don’t sweat the small stuff, and breathe. Even if it seems like everyone around you has it all figured out, chances are, they are just as uncertain, excited, and scared as you are. These next few weeks will fly by, and it is important to take advantage of the time that you have with all of your friends living just feet away from you. Life after BC will eventually come, and while you can plan and try to anticipate how life will be, it may not always work out how you expect it—and this is not always a negative thing! I think if you asked most graduates about what their life is like now as compared to when they started BC, many would say that it is completely different. Enjoy these last weeks here on campus, and if you have any worries and fears about what the future may bring, just know that you are not alone in those thoughts. Graduation will come and your time on the Heights will end, but God will always be by your side.


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