New Year, New Us, Same God

by Ejuma Adoga


January is a time of rebirth, fresh starts, and clean beginnings. “New year, new me” is a popular slogan for this time of resolution, but as the year progresses, I’ve found that many people feel they’ve messed up their resolutions and declare that the new year is cancelled. I came across an insightful blog post during Christmas break that explained why we shouldn't give up on the year after “failing” to complete the resolution. The author said that we should set smaller, more attainable goals, a decision which takes some of the pressure off of us. Smaller goals are ideally much more manageable and easier to complete. After reading the article, I realized how applicable this is to my life and the life of my peers. 

As students, and especially as students at Boston College, we often put excessive pressure on ourselves to be the best. This does not only apply to academics—we are also expected to excel socially and to be extremely involved in extracurriculars, all while making the work look effortless. I can tell you from experience that the image of maintaining the perfect balance of extracurriculars, academics, and social life is far from realistic. It is easy to compare ourselves to everyone else when it seems they have their lives together, but this leads us to create goals that may not be healthy. So when each new year rolls around, it is almost impossible not to create new standards and be hard on ourselves when things do not go to plan.    


Something that brings me comfort is the thought of God. Despite our shortcomings, God does not abandon us when we feel that we have failed, and with each new year that comes, He is still there. He remains constant in a realm that is always changing and evolving. No two days are ever the same, but God never changes. He loves us so deeply, and that love is something that can never be altered or taken away—even if we do not love ourselves. With the new year upon us (and passing by rather quickly), it is important to remember that God is our cheerleader, our biggest supporter, and our source of strength in the midst of weakness. 


A new year is something that can bring a lot of growth, especially spiritually. Making resolutions is a good way to prepare for the months ahead, but it is important to remember that whether or not they are completed, God is still going to be there through it all. Resolutions or not, change is inevitable. Even if our goals are not reached, as long as we put in our best efforts, God takes the rest of the burden off of our shoulders. This year will challenge each and every one of us, but the heavy lifting is up to God. It is important not to put so much pressure on ourselves when we fall short, because even though we may feel that we are not enough, we are always God’s beloved daughters and sons.


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