A Thank-You to Our Chief

by The Editorial Board and Staff


The staff of The Torch would like to express its deep gratitude to its Editor-in-Chief, Gjergji Evangjeli, for all of his hard work. He is preparing to move on to greater things, but we would be remiss to let him go without reminding him of our appreciation. Gjergji has been with The Torch since its earliest days, contributing dozens of articles, working as the World News editor, and taking the reins as Executive Editor and Editor-in-Chief. Journalism can be a bumpy field—especially for new publications—and with Gjergji’s guidance, The Torch has forged ahead.

It is clear to all of us that our newspaper, for Gjergji, is not a tool for a resumé; rather, he has put time, effort, and heart into building up The Torch into the publication it is today. (He has even contributed his own personal resources, and we have had many a pizza at his expense.) His commitment to providing a strong, vibrant Catholic voice on Boston College’s campus has inspired his staff to a higher standard, and he makes no choice on behalf of The Torch without the utmost care. He leaves behind a level of calm confidence that will be difficult to replace.


We congratulate him on his years of devoted writing and management, and we assure him of our intent to carry his efforts forward. In the coming months and years, we know we will be reaping the fruits of his meticulous work. As a staff, we continue to be grateful for the men and women who have built the foundation we stand on—and we consider Gjergji a cornerstone in that regard.


Thank you, Gjergji! You will be missed!


In the love of Christ,

Your Staff


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