Mass for the Pope’s Safe and Successful Visit

by Kathryn Lieder


On Wednesday, September 23 at 5pm, students, faculty, campus ministers, and Jesuits, as well as members of the local community, gathered in St. Mary’s Hall Chapel for a Mass dedicated to praying for Pope Francis’ safe travels while visiting the U.S. Reverend Gustavo Morello, S.J., one of two Argentinian Priests in the area, officiated the Mass. 

“How do we measure success?” Reverend Morello repeated a few times at the beginning of his Homily.  He then proceeded to specify, “How do we measure the success of the Pope’s visit to the U.S.?” 


Morello asked the question, giving everyone a moment to ponder it, and then called on those in the pews to share their opinions. 


Some suggested the start of more meaningful conversations on issues of social responsibility would mark the “success” of the Pope’s visit.  Another suggested that an increase in those who see and acknowledge God’s love would be a prominent sign of Francis’ success.


Reverend Morello then proceeded to ask everyone to consider the importance of the words “The Kingdom of God,” seen countless times throughout Scripture.  He reminded everyone that those words have always meant that God has power over human institutions and stressed how essential it is that we remember, “We are in God’s hands.”


Morello went on to emphasize the importance of the Pope’s visit as a way to remind us that “We are all God’s apostles” and that we are responsible for creating the change that we believe should be taking place all around us. 


Though disappointed that the Pope isn’t visiting Boston, Campus Minister John Glynn, present at the Mass, said that, “just knowing that Pope Francis is in the U.S. makes me feel as if I am walking on sacred ground.” 


Feeling blessed by the first Jesuit Pope’s wholehearted love for all and his initiative to create real change, the members of the BC community present at the Mass radiated a palpable warmth and positivity.


Freshman Kalie Paranzino felt hopeful that the Pope’s visit  “will start up a lot of conversation about the way things are going in our country…not only large scale conversation in Congress, but also within families at dinner tables, and it will make people more aware of God’s love in their everyday lives.”

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