Boston College Retreats Offer Students Time to Reflect

by Natalie Yuhas


Classes are in full swing, workload and extra curricular activities are beginning to pick up, and students are finally settled into a routine. With all the responsibilities of student life comes stress, and routine can quickly turn into the feeling of being stuck in a rut. Consider taking time this semester to go on a retreat so that you can recharge, reflect, connect with others, strengthen your faith, and learn how to make the most out of your Boston College experience. There are options listed below for students of every year and every faith background.

Beginnings (October 24-26): Beginnings is a retreat open to freshmen students of all faiths. It is an opportunity to reflect on the time they have spent so far at Boston College, the relationships that impact their experience, and how their spiritual identity has changed or grown since being at BC. Contact Chris Darcy at for more information.


Fall Busy Student Retreat: The Fall Busy Student Retreat is open to students of all years and takes place on campus over a two-week period in order for students to be able to fit it in to their everyday lives. The retreat has 3 components: time to pray, companions, and gatherings. Participants in the retreat commit to praying 20 minutes a day, meeting with a peer minister or other faculty/staff member three times to discuss their spiritual life, and meeting once in a group gathering for reflection. Contact Rick Rossi at for more information.


Kairos: Kairos is a weekend retreat that runs 10 times during the year and is a time for participants to reflect on the different relationships in their lives. Contact John Glynn at for more information.


48Hours (November 14-16 or November 21-23): 48Hours is a retreat for freshmen students put on by First Year Experience. It is a weekend retreat at a scenic New England location to reflect on your first year, find out ways to take advantage of all Boston College has to offer, and meet other students. For questions or more information, email


Halftime (October 24-26): Halftime is a retreat open to sophomore, junior, and senior students. It is an opportunity for participants to reflect on their time at Boston College, reflect on where they want to go, and build connections with other students and faculty. Email for questions or more information.


To learn more about any of these retreats or to register, please visit Boston College Campus Ministry’s website ( or stop by the Campus Ministry offices on the second floor of McElroy.


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