Let It Go and Let God

by Natalie Yuhas


I’ve always hated change for as long as I can remember. I like to watch movies I have seen before and already know that I enjoy, read books that I’ve read before, and I hate when I come home from college and find that my parents have changed something about our house. I’m still recovering from the fact that my family moved to a new house in a different town when I was in the first grade. So, it’s safe to say that I was furious when Disney released the movie Frozen earlier this year. Disney princesses were a huge part of my childhood. How dare they make two new Disney princesses and mess with the classics. I told myself that I would not go see it under any circumstances and that I would only stick to watching the classics, but then so many people kept telling me how amazing it is and how much I would love it. After a few weeks, I finally cracked and decided that I wanted to go see Frozen during Christmas break.

It should have been my worst nightmare. Frozen was completely different than any Disney princess movie before it. The animation was different, the characters’ personalities were different, and most importantly, the message was completely different. Instead of focusing on true love between the prince and the princess, the movie focused on the true love between sisters. With Frozen, Disney shattered the fairy tale idea of “true love’s kiss” and replaced it instead with the fresh idea that love is a sacrifice. As much as I wanted to hate Frozen, I just couldn’t. In fact, I loved Frozen. It’s now one of my favorite movies and I am currently watching it, and of course singing along, while I write this article.


This happens to me all the time. I like to hold onto places, friends, traditions, etc. that have been reliable and have good memories attached to them. When things do change, I get so hung up on the past and resenting anything that is new or different, that I miss out on the opportunities that change can bring. I think that I have such a problem with change because it means that so much is out of my control. What if the future only holds sadness and hurt? Since I’ve come to college, I’ve had to deal with some of the biggest changes of my life so far, including moving far away from home, changing majors, and joining new clubs and making new friends. Although Boston College has been nothing like my high school or my hometown, every change and opportunity has been so rewarding and I am slowly learning that change is a good thing. Even though the future may be scary and unpredictable, we have to trust that God has a beautiful plan for each of us, and the changes we meet along the way will help us grow. As Queen Elsa from Frozen would say, “Let It Go” and let God.


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