BC Splash Seeks Passionate Volunteers

by Erin Anderson


Free your calendars on Sunday, April 6 and volunteer through Boston College’s Splash for the unique experience of teaching high school students. BC Splash, a student run program, aims to broaden the academic horizons of high school students by offering a wide variety of free courses taught by BC undergraduate and graduate students. This program draws high school students from the Boston area and as far as New Hampshire and Cape Cod who flock to Boston College’s campus to be immersed in the college environment and experience what it means to be an Eagle. The program welcomes 600-1000 students from grades 8-12 whose interests range from those who are highly motivated and excited for college to those who need a new spin on learning to revitalize their enthusiasm for academics.

BC Splash is looking for BC students to teach what they are passionate about to encourage learning. Classes can be taught on nearly any topic so long as the class is interesting, academic, and creative. Classes in the past have ranged from “Chemistry: Flames, Fire, and Heat,” “Ever to Excel: An Intro to Microsoft Excel,” “Being a Soldier in WWII,” and “The Hunger Games as Cultural Artifact.” BC Splash strives to engage students and show that learning can be productive and fun. This year, the program hopes to incorporate more religion based classes. Therefore, we encourage Torch readers to get creative and step up to the challenge.


No teaching experience is necessary and participation with the program requires a low time commitment which includes the time it takes you to design your class, a one hour training session, and the duration of your class on the day of Splash. BC students can also help and volunteer for short 1-2 hour shifts to assist with check-in and other stations. In addition, students can opt to spend the whole day as a group leader. Leaders are responsible for helping kids feel comfortable, providing transitions between classes, and eating lunch with their groups. Becoming involved with BC Splash will be a rewarding experience.


“From 7-10am on the day of the event my team comes together to make campus look great, and then the students begin to arrive. That’s when I know that it is all worth it, because they are excited – and my mission is to show kids that learning can be much more passionate than it is in high school,” said Anne Meyer, a director for BC Splash, A&S ’14.


BC Splash offers a unique opportunity to teach your passion and gain experience talking in front of a group. Furthermore, BC Splash is a low time commitment, fun experience, and great event to add to any resume. Volunteering is also a rewarding opportunity to give high school students a college mentor. Students interested in teaching can sign up at the website bcsplash.lerningu.org until February 28, and you can look up BC Splash on Facebook or email the program at bcsplash@gmail.com.


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