St. Mary’s Renovation Continues on Schedule

by Margo Borders


The renovation of St. Mary’s Hall continues on schedule and is expected to be completed in early 2015. The building started restorations in early 2013 and will undergo exterior renovations as well as converting the south wing of the building into University academic space, which will include the Communication and Computer Science departments and the Woods College of Advancing Studies.

St. Mary’s Hall is the second oldest building on the Chestnut Hill campus and has been used as a Jesuit residence for 95 years. The restoration of St. Mary’s will be similar to that of Gasson Hall, but on a larger scale. The renovations include ongoing projects on the interior and exterior of the building. On the exterior of the building, the roof, windows, and cast stone will be replaced, and the interior, including elevators and floor and wall framing, will be completely renovated as well.


Many of these renovations have been completed. On the exterior of the building, much of the cast stone trim elements have been installed, and new roof tile and windows are complete. The white-tented enclosures are covering the cast stone replacements at the ground level during the winter, and renovations will continue within these enclosures until the spring. On the interior of the building, the walls are laid out, mechanical and electrical components are being rigged and set, and the drywall installation has started.

According to the construction update, the new garage foundation on the east side will begin in early 2014, and the elevator construction is scheduled to be completed in July 2014.


Mary Nardone, Associate Vice President of Capital Projects Management, reports that the building will be loaded with furniture starting in November.


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