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The Catholic Church Responds to the Natural Disasters Domestically and Abroad


by Cristina Villalonga-Vivoni


On Sunday morning after a hurricane made landfall in Texas, Father David Bergeron of the Catholic Charismatic Center navigated his kayak through the flooded streets. Why? To lead Mass and rescue survivors.


Father David’s traveling Mass is just one of many examples of the Church’s response to the myriad of natural disasters that has devastated the United States, the Caribbean, and Mexico. As the world continues to respond to the destruction, the Catholic Church has played a crucial role in the relief effort.

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A Multitude of Selves: Accountability and Taylor Swift


by Adriana Watkins


There’s nothing like a little vengeance to kick start your day.



Recently, after the recommendation of a friend, I listened to Taylor Swift’s new song, “Look What You Made Me Do.” Now, I realize this song has been circulating for about a month, and any attempt to address it would seem passé. However, the opportunity to examine these lyrics and discuss their implications is too tempting. 

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