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Cardinal DiNardo Calls for All to Abide in Christ

by Jeffery Lindholm


On March 15, Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and Archbishop of Galveston-Houston, spoke to the Boston College community about friendship in the Gospel of John. Cardinal DiNardo claimed that there is “something about John’s Gospel that is special.” Drawing on Scripture and the early Church Fathers, the Cardinal presented a long meditation on the Church, rooted in one word: caritas

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Pope Francis Celebrates 5 Years as Pope

by Tess Daniels


On March 1, Pope Francis celebrated the five-year anniversary of his election to the papacy. With this milestone comes an examination of Francis’s accomplishments and controversies. Francis, though a hugely influential and compelling figure, has nonetheless had his fair share of criticism. He is seen by the world as a reformer pope—a humble, highly educated, genial Jesuit who seems to depart from the practices of previous pontiffs. On the other hand, traditionalist Catholics have objected to Francis’ agenda, arguing that a pope should deliver doctrinal and moral clarity, and Francis’s policy has blurred Catholic teachings.

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