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STAFF EDITORIAL: Bishops Must Privilege Truth Over Cover-up

by The Editorial Board


All of us who are students at Boston College have grown up in a Church in which the specter of clergy sexual abuse and its cover-up has loomed ubiquitously, though waxing and waning at varying points. We have only ever known our Church as such, and here at this moment, the waxing of the crisis has again intensified.


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Religion and Skepticism on Campus: An Interview with Bishop Barron

by Adriana Watkins


On April 24, Bishop Robert Barron, theologian and founder of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries, spoke with The Torch staff on the subject of religion and skepticism. The Bishop began by describing skepticism as a perspective that often “traps” its adherents “in Plato’s Cave,” unable to broaden their views. He then went on to describe possible benefits of the outlook, especially in the context of the university, and to offer advice to students as they continue their search for the truth.

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