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Boston Archdiocese Spends $850,000 in Failed Attempt to Defeat Marijuana Legalization


by Katie Daniels


On November 8, Massachusetts voters passed a state ballot measure to legalize marijuana despite the Archdiocese of Boston’s last-minute effort to fund the anti-marijuana Campaign for a Safe and Healthy Massachusetts. The archdiocese had donated $850,000 to the campaign on October 28, in addition to sending anti-ballot materials to parishes and schools.

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Thank You Mom and Dad, for Sending Me to Boston College


by Laura McLaughlin


Recently I participated in BC Splash, a student run program that aims to broaden the academic horizons of high school student by offering them the opportunity to choose from a variety of student-taught classes. Through Splash, high school students spend a day on campus learning about Boston College and the college experience in general. My involvement was almost accidental: a friend asked if I would speak on a panel to the students’ parents the day prior to the event and I accepted, not knowing what this job entailed. I regretted my alarm going off earlier than I would have liked on a Sunday, but felt excitement when I saw a group of high schoolers in Fulton pointing up at the iconic lights in the atrium. 

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