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Society of Jesus Elects New Superior General

by Sofia Infante


On October 14, the Jesuits elected Father Arturo Sosa Abascal, S.J. as the 31st Superior General of the Society of Jesus. He is the Society’s first Latin American Superior General. Fr. Sosa was elected at the Jesuits’ 36th General Congregation in Rome, by 212 Jesuit electors—representing 17,000 Jesuits worldwide—who have gathered to discuss the mission, governance, and state of the order. The election came after four days of murmurationes, an old Jesuit tradition of one-on-one conversation regarding the virtues of possible candidates designed to prepare the congregation for the election of a new Superior General. Fr. Sosa follows Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, S.J., who announced his resignation in 2014 after leading the Society of Jesus since 2008.

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“Your Joy is Your Sorrow Unmasked”

by Libbie Steiner


At the beginning of this school year, one of my best friends told me that she was depressed. She felt a growing sense of unworthiness and struggled to feel joyful when she did things that normally made her happy. Having little motivation to do much of anything, she feared she would not be able to enjoy her senior year. She had become angry with God for allowing her to feel this way. There was a defeated tone in her voice as she disclosed how she was feeling to me. She has lived with depression and anxiety for some time now and she was frustrated to have to go through it again. My heart ached for her, wishing that I could confer on her some of my own happiness and relieve her of the darkness that seemed to be closing in.


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Himes Addresses Faith and the Voting Booth

by Eileen Corkery

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Poland Vetoes New Abortion Bill

by Gjergji Evangjeli

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Cornerstone: All Souls’ Day

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A River of Hope

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by Jeffrey Lindholm

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