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Farewell and Thank You, Boston College

 by Natalie Yuhas




One of the very first memories I have at Boston College is sitting in the hallway of my freshman year dorm with the rest of the girls who lived on my floor. It was uncomfortably hot and our RA was giving us instructions on the upcoming Freshman Convocation, our first real introduction to the Boston College community where we would walk down Linden Lane together as the Class of 2016.

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Saint of the Issue: Aloysius Gonzaga

by Kevin Gleason


Saint Aloysius Gonzaga was born on March 9, 1568 in Castiglione, Italy. He was the oldest of seven children and his family was one of the highest ranking in Castiglione.


Aloysius' father, Ferrante Gonzaga, was Marquis of Castiglione, making him one of the highest ranking aristocrats. Ferrante was offered the position of Commander-in-Chief of the cavalry of Henry VIII of England, but declined, as he preferred the Spanish court. Aloysius, being the eldest child, was expected to become a soldier and one day inherit his father's many titles. However, this path never appealed to him during his youth.

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